Ways to Play

With so many ways to play, supporting Saskatchewan Sport, Culture and Recreation has never been easier.

Ways to Buy

Find a Retailer

With more than 1,000 Lotto Spot! retailers available across Saskatchewan, you can play all your favourite games.

Subscription Spot

Choose the subscription plan that’s right for you. Your numbers are automatically checked for you and prizes paid when you win!

Lotto Spot! App 

Buy tickets anytime, anywhere. Build, buy and check your tickets when you download the  easy-to-use Lotto Spot! app.

Ways to Play

Lotto Packs

A quick and convenient way to play all your favourite lottery games. With 14 packs to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!

Play by Subscription

Play a single draw or subscribe for up to a full year in advance on your favourite games. Choose from two easy ways to subscribe. For more details visit the Subscription Spot FAQ page.

Group Play

Whether it’s with family, friends or co-workers, Group Play lets you pool your money together for more chances of winning the lottery!

Advance Play 

Advance Play allows you to play the same Selections for up to 25 consecutive draws with all of your favourite lotto tickets.

Combo Play 

Combo Play is a great way to play combinations of numbers on the same ticket. Because you have multiple selections, you can win multiple prizes!