Sask Lotteries Sponsorship Program

The Sask Lotteries sponsorship program supports sport, culture and recreation organizations planning local, regional and national events within Saskatchewan. These events are another way that lottery proceeds make a positive impact and contribute to lively, vibrant communities across the province.

Sask Lotteries Sponsorship Program Guidelines


Support volunteer-led, community organizations through sponsorship of local, regional and national events within the province.

Ineligible Events/Programs

Sask Lotteries does not support the following types of initiatives:

  • Out-of-province events or travel
  • Equipment or clothing purchases
  • Individuals seeking financial assistance
  • Political groups or events
  • Religious groups or events
  • Special-interest lobby groups or events
  • Charitable organizations
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Ads in programs and other marketing materials for members of Sask Sport, SaskCulture or SPRA

A formal sponsorship request is required at least 30 days prior to the event/activity date.

Application Process

Each application will be reviewed by Sask Lotteries to ensure eligibility requirements are met.

Following approval, a confirmation letter and payment will be sent to the recipient.

If a request is not approved, a letter will be sent to the organization informing them that their request has been declined.

Payment Procedures

An invoice with the following information is required before payment will be processed: 

  • Name of organization
  • Address (including postal code)
  • Invoice number
Follow up Procedures

Upon completion of the event, a follow up email or report describing how the organization promoted Sask Lotteries is required (include PDF of programs, screenshot of social media posts, etc.) 

Sask Lotteries frequently receives plaques, framed photos/posters or other mementos in recognition of sponsorship support provided to organizations. While these gestures are appreciated, it is also acknowledged that such items can be costly for organizations to produce and difficult for Sask Lotteries to store. We gratefully decline these items.

To apply for a sponsorship please fill out the form below:

Date of Event(Required)
Contact Person(Required)

Event Details

Scope of Event
Has Sask Lotteries sponsored this event in the past?
Is this event or hosting organization directly or indirectly receiving support from the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation?
Type of support sought
All organizations that receive sponsorship support are required to recognize Sask Lotteries as a sponsor or funder. Please outline the ways, places and locations in which Sask Lotteries will be recognized in the promotion and execution of the event. Ex. social media posts, announcements during the event, advertisements in programs, signage, logo on sponsorship thank you PowerPoint, etc.
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