Trust Funds & Grants

Through these programs Sask Lotteries is able to support communities across the province.

Sask Lotteries Trust Fund

The Sask Lotteries Trust Fund distributes lottery proceeds to eligible sport, culture and recreation organizations in Saskatchewan. The Trust Fund was established in 1974 by Sask Sport, pursuant to the Interprovincial Lotteries Act (1974), for the purpose of granting funds to eligible, non-profit, volunteer-led organizations in the areas of sport, culture and recreation.

Eligible organizations are designated by the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport based on meeting certain eligibility criteria.

This criteria is available from Sask Sport, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. These independent community partners represent hundreds of community organizations and ensure that lottery proceeds benefit communities across the province.

How proceeds are distributed

Volunteer committees review and adjudicate all funding requests made to the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund.

Every year, there are approximately 1,200 organizations that receive direct funding support and through them more than 12,000 affiliated groups benefit.


2022-23 Progress Report

March 31, 2023 Financial Statements

2024-25 Performance Plan

Sask Lotteries Community Grant Program

The Sask Lotteries Community Grant Program assists non-profit, volunteer-led, community organizations. These organizations develop impactful and innovative sport, culture and recreation programs that meet the needs of the local community.

Every year, these community grants help fund diverse programs and activities, such as:

  • Youth beading programs
  • Taekwondo clubs
  • Music camps
  • Hockey tournaments
  • Air Cadets
  • Senior fitness classes
  • Curling
  • Swimming clubs
  • Paint nights
  • And more!

The program is a partnership involving the Government of Saskatchewan, Sask Sport, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.