Regional Parks Are Uniquely Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Regional Parks

As the days grow longer and the sun feels warmer, our thoughts inevitably turn to summer adventures. Whether you’ve carefully planned every weekend camping trip or prefer to let the prairie wind guide you, you can find a regional park to match your adventure style.

The regional park system is unique to Saskatchewan. There are nearly 100 of them throughout the province. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer one-of-a-kind experiences, from scenic hikes and adrenaline-fueled watersports to secluded camping spots and world-class golf courses. Many park amenities include camping, swimming, fishing, sports grounds, golf courses and more. 

What’s truly remarkable is that these parks were developed and are run by passionate volunteers, showcasing a genuine labour of love that supports local communities and conserves natural habitat. What a beautiful system!

An exceptional mission

The regional park system is represented by the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association (SRPA), which is funded through Sask Lotteries. With a mission to provide exceptional and accessible recreation opportunities while preserving the natural environment, SRPA provides support to the regional park network through an accreditation program, advocacy, education opportunities, and marketing.

“Sask Lotteries funding allows us to continue supporting Saskatchewan’s vast regional parks network so they can offer exceptional experiences for locals and visitors,” said Katrina Irving, SRPA Executive Director. “It helps us offer the innovative education programs and marketing initiatives that build park capacity.”

Reducing barriers to the outdoors

To provide more affordable opportunities to access regional parks, SRPA partnered with the Saskatchewan Library Association and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association to offer the Regional Park Pass Lending Program in 2022, 2023 and now 2024. The program makes regional park passes available for seven-day loan periods to residents with a Saskatchewan library card through participating libraries. It aims to reduce barriers to participation and inspire people to connect with nature. 

“Thanks to lotteries funding, we can participate in partnership programs like the Regional Park Pass Lending Program,” said Irving. “Which means more people get to experience Saskatchewan’s regional parks regardless of financial constraints, and that’s so important to us and our parks.”

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