Community Rink Affordability Grant Program

Prince Albert Northcote MLA Alana Ross on behalf of Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross joined officials from the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) and community members in Prince Albert to celebrate the opening of the Community Rink Affordability Grant Program. The Government of Saskatchewan has committed $1.6 million in 2023-24 for the program which provides funding for community-owned indoor skating and curling rinks.

“The Community Rink Affordability Grant program plays an important role in building healthy communities and protecting our local infrastructure,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross said. “These rinks are a focal point for many communities and offer a wide variety of programming year-round. This grant helps with costs associated with running locally owned rinks, and ensures they remain operational in our communities for years
to come.”

In 2022-23, a total of the 581 ice surfaces received funding, including 376 skating rinks and 205 curling rinks. A $2,500 grant is available for each ice surface, per year for municipally owned facilities, schools, Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations.

“The Community Rink Affordability Grant helps build communities across the province with support from volunteers at every level,” Prince Albert Northcote MLA Alana Ross said. “These spaces are well used by families, youth and seniors, with programming that protects the great quality of life we enjoy in our province.”

The SPRA administers and delivers the program on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan.

“We are grateful to the government for their continued support of Saskatchewan’s recreation infrastructure, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing quality of life in the province,” SPRA President Jody Boulet said. “As communities face increased costs due to inflation, including those related to maintaining vital gathering spaces like rinks, the Community Recreation Affordability Grant Program is a welcome contribution.”

To learn more and register for the Community Rink Affordability Grant program, please complete the online form found on the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association’s website at

Applications can be submitted until January 15, 2024.