Shelley Gibson


Ticket Sold By
Sherwood Co-op Gas Bar (Montmartre), Saskatchewan 48, Montmartre, SK.

I just grabbed whatever spare change I had in my pocket and played once!

Shelley Gibson has officially set a record for the largest LIGHTNING LOTTO win to date… with just her pocket change!

The Montmartre local won an astounding $741,858.90 jackpot in the LIGHTNING LOTTO June 13 draw.

“I had watched another person play it and thought, ‘I’ll give it a shot!’” She explained in her prize claim interview. “I just grabbed whatever spare change I had in my pocket and played once. I was SO surprised!”

The winner said she had never played before and was taken aback by the win.

“It comes right up on the screen, and you win instantly,” she said. “I loved it!”

“I actually looked [at the screen] and said, ‘What does that mean?’ when the win first came up,” she laughed. “The person next to me said, ‘You just won the whole thing.’ That’s when the jumping and screaming and hugging started.”

Gibson said she’s not ready to quit her day job just yet but is looking forward to paying off her vehicle and enjoying her future retirement to the fullest.

“My husband and I are looking at buying a camper,” she said.

Of the experience, Gibson said: “In a dream, you’d love to win, but you really don’t think it’ll happen.”

Gibson purchased her LIGHTNING LOTTO ticket at Sherwood Co-op Gas Bar located on highway SK-48 in Montmartre. She won her prize instantly, in-store by matching all five numbers selected on the June 13 LIGHTNING LOTTO draw: 5, 11, 27, 38, 47.