Melanie Peequaquat


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Rexall, 1530 20th St. W, Saskatoon, SK

Melanie Peequaquat wins $50,000 ONLY IN SASK

It feels good to support groups in the province!

One of two $50,000 prizes on the ONLY IN SASK scratch ticket has been claimed by Saskatoon’s Melanie Peequaquat, marking a historic win.

Released in February, ONLY IN SASK is the first of its kind — a scratch ticket available exclusively in Saskatchewan — and Peequaquat is the first to claim the game’s top prize.

The Saskatoon resident has purchased scratch tickets previously, occasionally winning her money back. With that in mind, when Peequaquat scratched a winning line on her ONLY IN SASK ticket, she made an assumption about what she’d won and left the prize box covered.

“I thought, ‘Yes, I won my $5 back!’”

To her surprise, when the cashier scanned the ticket, the terminal screen showed $50,000.

“Did that really say what I thought it said,” she exclaimed, while in the store.

Now that she’s had some time to process her win, Peequaquat says that “it feels good” and while she doesn’t have any plans for her prize yet, she might look to put a downpayment on a house.

Peequaquat purchased her winning ticket at the Hewgill Rexall Drug Store at 1530 20th St. W in Saskatoon.

The ONLY IN SASK ticket commemorates the 50th anniversary of Sask Lotteries and features locally illustrated icons of sport, culture and recreation activities. Since 1974, through an agreement with the Government of Saskatchewan $1.4 billion in proceeds from the sale of lottery products purchased through Sask Lotteries have benefitted more that 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups across the province.

“It feels good to support groups in the province,” said Peequaquat.

There is still one ONLY IN SASK $50,000 prize left to be claimed. Tickets can be purchased at any of Saskatchewan’s 1,000 Lotto Spot retailers.